Troubleshooting of industrial processes with high-speed imaging

How to Solve Quality Issues in Industrial Manufacturing Processes – with High-speed Cameras

Do your machines fail every now and then and you cannot find the cause or is your yield low or fluctuating? Imagine you could capture the key points of your process with several 1000 frames per second.

For these purposes, Mikrotron offers the right solutions of high-speed cameras plus long-term recorders with up to seven hours recording time or dedicated high-speed recording cameras. Since many years, our customers are using these systems in industrial production, in research and development, and in sports. Besides such specialized hardware, the Experts of Mikrotron are happy to support you with their extensive know-how with the on-site camera-based process analysis.

In modern, high-speed production plants, the causes of quality problems can no longer be seen with the naked eye. If errors occur only sporadically, it is often very difficult to determine the sources of error. High frame rate video recordings allow visual analysis of the processes in slow motion. The unique insights provided by these high-speed recordings allow precise fault analysis and the efficient development of troubleshooting measures. Mikrotron GmbH offers scalable, easy-to-use video systems and software based on its many years of experience with such applications. Quality managers of industrial production plants can also book both technical solutions as part of service packages at Mikrotron.

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