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Success Stories

See, recognize, grab

The aim of the Swiss company Asyril is to improve the performance of assembly robots. It uses sophisticated image processing systems to make it easier for robots in production to reach for bulk material components, relying on an innovative idea and on industrial cameras from SVS-Vistek.

Cells under pressure – Rapid analysis of cell mechanics

Scientists at the TU Dresden have developed an analysis method that allows the mechanical properties of 100,000 cells to be evaluated in just two minutes. This is 10,000 times faster than conventional methods. The research team achieved the high speed with the EoSens® CL high-speed camera from Mikrotron.

Fast 100% Inline Print Inspection for the Packaging Industry

Quality control within package printing processes is one of the key fields of application of fast, high-performance color line scan cameras. To this end, Irish machine vision specialist OneBoxVision has developed an "out of the box" solution for 100% inline inspection. The central component of this solution is a CCD color line scan camera by Chromasens.

AICON 3D - Wheels Put to the Test

Die AICON 3D Systems GmbH ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter optischer kamerabasierter 3D Messsysteme. Mit WheelWatch bietet das Unternehmen eine einfache Lösung zur hochgenauen 6D Erfassung und Analyse von Radbewegungen. Das Kernstück dieses Systems ist die EoSens® Hochgeschwindigkeitskamera von Mikrotron.

3D image capturing system for on-track train inspection

3D image capturing system for on-track train inspection. Setting the direction. In view of ever more complex railway networks and increasingly shorter cycles, the assurance of a fault-free function of railway vehicles is the highest priority of railway operators. The implementation of new measuring methods such as high-precision 3D image capturing systems offers new strategies for innovative maintenance concepts.