Saving on safety of packaging processes can be deadly in the pharmaceutical industry: wrong tablets, improper ampoule fluids, defective blisters or seals are just a few essential examples that can be addressed by automatic optical inspection (AOI). Negilent manufacturers risk most severe penalties and recourse claims.

Machine Vision’s safety critical role in the pharmaceutical industry is to inspect products and packaging ensuring optimal quality and traceability through the pharmaceutical supply chain. High yield and throughput requirements of production lines call for regulation compliant vision systems featuring high camera frame rates, resolution, and corresponding processing performance of the imaging hardware and software.


The Lakesight Group offers a wide range of solutions to visually solve any automation and quality assurance task in the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from machine vision components to integrated camera modules and complete task-specific solutions.

Our cost-efficient industrial compact cameras as well as latest high-resolution high-speed cameras are extremely well-suited for the automation of critical processes, as they reliably deliver significant images even under extreme conditions (e.g. spatial limitations, difficult lighting conditions, fluctuating temperatures, vibrations or shocks). Thanks to their excellent image quality, fast frame rates and high sensitivity, these rugged and compact cameras can cope with any situation.

For the troubleshooting of fast packaging processes, our long-term video recording systems with ultra-high frame rates are the right choice. Here the video frames are transferred in real time directly to a ring buffer system. Interruptions that normally occur due to the time-consuming reading out of data from the camera are eliminated. Long-term processes, entire test series and unexpected events or very fast consecutive individual events can thus be completely recorded.

Lakesight offers a broad portfolio of imaging components such as (line and smart) cameras, 3D solutions, lighting, vision controllers and PCs, and rich accessories, but also a technology framework comprising various hardware platforms, firmware and software solutions. Thus, we can tailor existing components or flexibly combine them to create the right solution for your competitive edge in the packaging of pharmaceuticals.
Our application experts understand your individual requirements quickly and thoroughly and it is the passion of our interdisciplinary engineering team to develop innovative yet affordable image processing solutions to meet your needs.

The following standard products are field proven in Electronics:

  • For 3D scanning, and all high-speed applications demanding detailed spatial resolution
  • Imaging with e.g. 25 MP @ 80 fps or 12 MP @ 160 fps
  • Fanless design, suitable for dusty and humid ambient conditions
  • State-of-the-art CoaXPress and Camera Link interfaces
  • Comprehensive triggering and control features via I/O
  • Extremely compact and easy to use
  • Up to 13 seconds recording time
  • Fast data download for rapid readiness
  • User-friendly, intuitive, recording software
  • Long recording periods of up to 7 hours for high-speed cameras
  • Utmost reliability for ensured recording of fast moving processes
  • Portable versions available
  • Low cost kits available


  • Product traceability
  • Blister Packaging Inspection
  • Bulk inspection
  • Removal of foreign tablets, broken tablets, stained tablets, and tablets with scratched coating
  • Print and label inspection
  • Ampoules and caps inspection
  • Catheter and prefilled syringe inspection
  • Needle and spring gauge inspection
  • Labeling (barcode, label verification, expiry date)


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