Vision solutions for advanced road traffic systems, also known as ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) are critical for safety applications, such as highway and tunnel monitoring, as well as for tolling, traffic law enforcement, and access control to parking lots.

In most applications, vehicles need to be identified by their license plate. Thus, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), is the primary purpose of such ITS. ANPRs hold various challenges for machine vision: Firstly, the vision systems need to operate outdoors with all implications regarding extreme lighting conditions from direct sunlight over sunlight reflections to low-light at night with glare from headlights. Even worse, multiple vehicles per second must be captured with minimal motion blur, thus at very short exposure times in these various lighting conditions. Furthermore, the number plates can be of high variance in size, shape, color, and position on various types of vehicles. Ultimately, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) task can be challenging due to the varying camera perspective on the number plate and dirt.

As installations are typically remote and hard to maintain, virtually all traffic systems demand for reliable 24/7 operation over years despite partially heavy thermal stress in winter and summer times.


The Lakesight Group is specialized in vision solutions for Intelligent Traffic Systems. Our Vega Smart ITS camera series by TATTILE is dedicated to ANPR and built on an advanced embedded hardware and software for a high performance and scalability. Thanks to its embedded license plate recognition, image analysis software, high resolution sensors, low power consumption, and remote control via web browser, the Vega Smart camera enables innovative applications.

It optionally features optical car brand, color, and vehicle class recognition on-board (no external PC needed) but also allows for the integration of external sensors like RFID antennas, axel counters, or vehicle type classifiers. Even when the data connection got lost, the Vega camera family continues operation via its on-board buffer memory. Thanks to the integrated illumination and optical filters, ANPR works reliably on reflective and non-reflective number plates.

Besides our wide portfolio of machine vision components, like cameras, smart cameras, illuminations, accessories, and image processing software, Lakesight offers a technology framework of different hardware platforms, firmware, and software solutions. Therefore, we can tailor existing components or flexibly combine them with elements of our technology framework creating the right solution for your competitive advantage in Intelligent Traffic Systems.

Our application experts are quick with understanding your individual requirements and it is the passion of our interdisciplinary engineering team to design innovative yet cost-effective machine vision solutions to your needs.


  • Free flow tolling
  • Stop & Go tolling
  • LTZs (Limited Traffic Zones)
  • Tunnel safety
  • Law enforcement (speed, red light, bus lanes)
  • Vehicle tracking (ANPR)
  • Access control (e.g. parking lots)
  • Anti-terrorism and crime prevention