The continuously growing need for mobility leads to more traffic, not just on the road and in the air but also and significantly on railways. Train speeds are increasing, cycle times are getting shorter and shorter. Thus, the fault-free function of railway vehicles and tracks is the top priority of railway operators. This calls for fast, cost-effective, and easily applicable measurement techniques for wheels, carriages, tracks, and switches.

For years, intelligent diagnostic technology has played an important part in improving the efficiency of inspection and maintenance work on railway vehicles. Stationary diagnostic systems belong to the standard equipment of railway maintenance centers. Alongside the development of digital information technology, further advances in the field of integrated onboard diagnostic systems for damage detection have also been made.

The implementation of new measuring methods offers new strategies for innovative maintenance concepts. Optical inspection offers the right speed, price point, and universality when solved with high performance line scan and area scan cameras. Depending on the application 2D or 3D inspections are required sometimes demanding millimeter accuracy.


The Lakesight Group holds a host of expertise in solving demanding imaging tasks in the Railway Inspection field.

Based on the 3D stereo line scan camera “3DPIXA” and powerful line lights by CHROMASENS, an array of fully integrated “scannerboxes” has been developed and successfully deployed as stationary train diagnostics system for the high-precision inspection of train wheels, undercarriages and sides views.

Besides our wide portfolio of machine vision components, like cameras, illuminations, accessories, and image processing software, Lakesight offers a technology framework of different hardware platforms, firmware, and software solutions. Therefore, we can tailor existing components or flexibly combine them with elements of our technology framework creating the right solution for your competitive advantage in the Railway area.

Our application experts are quick with understanding your individual requirements and it is the passion of our interdisciplinary engineering team to design innovative yet cost-effective machine vision solutions to your needs.

The following standard products are field proven in Railway Inspection:

  • Depth measurement with up to 0.55 µm resolution
  • Up to 30 kHz line scan frequency
  • High speed, high resolution, and large field of view
  • Fast GPU based stereo vision algorithms
  • Simultaneous 3D and color capturing
  • For high-speed web inspection
  • Up to 8k resolution at 80 kHz
  • CCD sensors for high sensitivity and CMOS sensors for high speed
  • Available with Camera Link and GigE Vision interface
  • For 3D scanning, and all high-speed applications demanding detailed spatial resolution
  • Imaging with e.g. 25 MP @ 80 fps or 12 MP @ 160 fps
  • Fanless design, suitable for dusty and humid ambient conditions
  • State-of-the-art CoaXPress and Camera Link interfaces
  • Comprehensive triggering and control features via I/O


  • Optical drive-by train inspection (wheels, carriage, side views, current collectors)
  • Railway track and switch inspection
  • Railway clearance space measurement


3D image capturing system for on-track train inspection