In semiconductor manufacturing, manufacturers need to test their products in many places between bare wafers and packaged ICs to identify faults as quickly as possible. The lithography geometries shrink, so the inspection systems must be able to resolve defects at progressively deeper sub-micron scales.

Defects that may arise during the wavering, front-end or back-end / dicing process involve a high risk of disrupting the process chain, reducing yield and ultimately impacting customer satisfaction and cost. Such defects may occur due to air pollution in the vacuum chamber, pressure, uncleaned stencil, blistering by air pockets, and various other causes. Here are some examples of defects which must be detected at high speed: microparticles, layer thickness, internal cracks, deviations in the microstructures, and insufficient flatness.


The Lakesight Group holds a host of expertise in solving demanding imaging tasks in Semiconductors.

The performance of our MIKROTRON area scan cameras and CHROMASENS line-scan cameras enables reliable testing of semiconductor materials, particularly composites, at enormously high speed and highest resolution for unprecedented throughput and manufacturing quality.

Based on the experience gathered over many solution development projects, our application experts are quick with understanding your individual requirements. It is the passion of our interdisciplinary engineering team to design innovative yet cost-effective machine vision solutions to your needs.

This is enabled by Lakesight’s technology framework of different hardware platforms, firmware IP cores, and software libraries. We can tailor our wide portfolio of machine vision components, like cameras, illuminations, accessories, and image processing software or flexibly combine them with elements of our technology framework creating the right solution for your competitive advantage in Semiconductors.

The following standard products are field proven in Electronics:

  • For high-speed glass and wafer inspection
  • Up to 8k resolution at 80 kHz
  • CCD sensors for high sensitivity and CMOS sensors for high speed
  • Available with Camera Link and GigE Vision interface
  • Full color resolution with 3 lines (RGB)
  • High-speed CCD sensors up to 7K with 29,7 kHz
  • High-resolution CMOS sensors up to 15 K with 18.4 kHz
  • Multiple region of interest: speed up to 113 kHz
  • Camera includes smart encoder and strobing features
  • High-speed-3D analyses by using fast line scan cameras
  • 3D and color imaging simultaneously with one scan
  • Wide choice of illuminations for optimal performance in each application
  • High-resolution cameras with 5 and 15 µm/pixel
  • 3D-API for fast 3D computation included
  • For 3D scanning, and all high-speed applications demanding detailed spatial resolution
  • Imaging with e.g. 25 MP @ 80 fps or 12 MP @ 160 fps
  • Fanless design, suitable for dusty and humid ambient conditions
  • State-of-the-art CoaXPress and Camera Link interfaces
  • Comprehensive triggering and control features via I/O


  • High-resolution line-scan captures with different wavelengths at high conveyor speed
  • Inspection of 75 – 300 mm (3 – 12″) wafers
  • Simultaneous scanning of top and bottom with multiple cameras
  • Inspection of different wafer materials (silicon, perovskite, sapphire)
  • Suitable for front end-of-line and back end-of-line process stages
  • Defect detection at each critical point in the manufacturing process