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In medical diagnostics and treatment as well as in life sciences, digital image processing reveals insights that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Different applications hold specific challenges for the imaging equipment: Chemical analyses based on artificial excitement of samples and subsequent observation of fluorescence effects require high camera sensitivity. On the other hand, the 2D or 3D analysis of gait, flight maneuvers, natatorial movements, and other motions of humans, animals, and plants can be performed best with cameras providing sufficient spatial and temporal resolution. Finally, the in-depth analysis of the oxygen saturation of tissue or the relative sugar and water content of natural raw materials calls for multi-spectral image captures.


The Lakesight Group holds a host of expertise in solving demanding imaging tasks in Medical Imaging and Life Science applications.

Our MIKROTRON high-speed cameras capture the last detail of every chemical or physical process, such as hydrodynamics experiments, biomechanical studies, or functional kinetics. They are extraordinarily well-suited for life science applications as they reliably provide significant images even under extreme conditions (e.g. spatial limitations, difficult lighting conditions, varying temperatures, vibrations or shocks). Due to their excellent image quality, fast framerates, and high sensitivity, these robust and compact cameras are up to par with every situation.

For long-time video captures with fast frame rates, MIKROTRON’s high-speed recording systems are the right choice. Here, the video frames are transferred directly to a ring store hard disk system in real time. Interruptions that usually occur due to the time-consuming readout of data from the camera are omitted. Hence, long-term processes, entire testing series, and unexpected events or very fast successive single events can be recorded completely.

Besides our wide portfolio of machine vision components, like cameras, vision PCs and controllers, illuminations, accessories, and image processing software, Lakesight offers a technology framework of different hardware platforms, firmware, and software solutions. Therefore, we can tailor existing components or flexibly combine them with elements of our technology framework creating the right solution for your competitive advantage in Medical Imaging and Life Sciences.

Our application experts are quick with understanding your individual requirements and it is the passion of our interdisciplinary engineering team to design innovative yet cost-effective machine vision solutions to your needs.

The following standard products are field proven in Medical Imaging and Life Sciences:

  • For 3D scanning, and all high-speed applications demanding detailed spatial resolution
  • Imaging with e.g. 25 MP @ 80 fps or 12 MP @ 160 fps
  • Fanless design, suitable for dusty and humid ambient conditions
  • State-of-the-art CoaXPress and Camera Link interfaces
  • Comprehensive triggering and control features via I/O
  • For high-speed web inspection
  • Up to 8k resolution at 80 kHz
  • CCD sensors for high sensitivity and CMOS sensors for high speed
  • Available with Camera Link and GigE Vision interface
  • Full color resolution with 3 lines (RGB)
  • High-speed CCD sensors up to 7K with 29,7 kHz
  • High-resolution CMOS sensors up to 15 K with 18.4 kHz
  • Multiple region of interest: speed up to 113 kHz
  • Camera includes smart encoder and strobing features
  • Designed for OEMs using image sensors with high frame rates, like CMOSIS CMV series and ON Semi PYTHON series.
  • Various resolutions: VGA, 2 MP, 4 MP; monochrome and color
  • Integrated strobe controller with 4 outputs reduces system costs and complexity