Line Scan Cameras Remain Unbeatable

Unterschleißheim, 23 october 2018

While other manufacturers are leaving the market, Lakesight offers innovation and long-term availability

Thanks to significant technological advances, modern area scan image sensors are reaching ever higher resolutions and frame rates. In light of these developments, several camera manufacturers have ceased the development of line scan cameras or discontinued existing product lines for some time.

This is despite the fact that line scan cameras offer unmatched performance in in-line 2D surface inspection, print inspection, sorting, localization, and, more recently, also in 3D inspection of flat objects, as they ensure exceptionally high resolution even at fast web speeds, all the while remaining cost-effective.

As a result, the Lakesight Group (Chromasens, Mikrotron, Tattile) continues to invest in innovation in this area, ensuring the long-term availability of current line scan cameras and their accessories. Furthermore, customers are supported in the transition from obsolete and discontinued product lines to future-proof alternatives.

In particular, the line-scan specialist Chromasens (Constance, Germany) provides line scan cameras from 4k up to 15k x 4 lines resolution, among its three model ranges of allPIXA, allPIXA pro and allPIXA wave. With a maximum line frequency of up to 150 kHz, and therefore, up to 1900 megapixels per second, the Chromasens cameras enable superior performance inspection systems.

With its cost-effective and proven TAG-7 series, the Italian camera manufacturer Tattile (Mairano, Italy) offers monochrome and bilinear line scan cameras in the resolutions of 2k, 4k and 8k, and with line frequencies up to 80 kHz. Tattile line scan cameras are comparable with other manufacturers’ discontinued product lines, while Chromasens line scan cameras provide customers coming from these product lines with significantly higher speeds, more functionality and performance.

Lakesight’s application experts offer free advice for customers coming from obsolete or discontinued line scan cameras to help them easily transition to modern and long-term solutions.

You will find the latest Chromasens and Tattile products at the Lakesight stand 1C61 at the VISION Exhibition Stuttgart, 6-8 November 2018, in Stuttgart.


About Lakesight:

Lakesight enables customers to fully automate processes. This is achieved by vision systems for inspection, measurement, verification, recognition, and process control via analyses of color, 2D-and 3D-shape as well as the material structure. These solutions may involve self-learning systems. Through automation, customers can improve their productivity, reliability, traceability, and big data collection. With its member companies Tattile, Mikrotron, and Chromasens, Lakesight follows its vision to evolve as the technology leader in the machine vision industry for smart solutions.

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