New company organization: Foundation of Lakesight Italy (1st March 2020)

After the acquisition of the Lakesight Technologies by TKH last year and our dynamic growth in the machine vision market, we are going to focus and bundle our joined forces.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the global position via synergies, complementary product portfolio, know-how and customer access, TKH and Lakesight Technologies decided to create a new Business Unit, merging Tattile Machine Vision Business unit with Chromasens GmbH.
Chromasens is a leading company, focused on line scan camera, 3D systems and lightning technology and is serving OEM’s customers with products as well as turnkey value add solutions and Tattile Machine Vision perfectly matches in experience, knowhow and product range.

Starting from March 1st 2020, Chromasens takes over business responsibilities of existing customers, portfolio and new products from Tattile MV and extends this to global range, keeping all the existing products family of Tattile MV and guaranteeing the new products roadmap.
Tattile keeps focussing on Mobility business unit.

Due to importance of the Italian market and the fast growth in the Machine Vison Market – we are pleased to announce the foundation of Lakesight Italy.

The primarily aim of Lakesight Italy is to guarantee the best service to all Tattile’s existing customers and expand the presence on the assigned territory, combining the long experience of Tattile MV (over 30 years) in the Italian market with the high-end technology of Chromasens, serving directly the most demanding OEMs customers. In this way, Lakesight Italy creates an unique and strong team offering value-add for any application.

Please note the Lakesight Italy headquarter as well as Tattile, are located in Via Gaetano Donizetti, 1 – 25030 Mairano (BS) – Italy

Phone: +39 0309700214
Email: Click for email!

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