Concurrent EDA – Preferred Technology Partner

Mikrotron appoints Concurrent EDA as a preferred technology partner in US.

Mikrotron strengthened its North American vision camera business by appointing Concurrent EDA a Preferred Technology Partner. This gives Mikrotron customers access to pre-sales and after sales technical support for Mikrotron’s EoSens®portfolio of cameras and Concurrent’s new EoSens®-based FPGA Programmable GigaSens™ machine vision cameras.

The Preferred Technology Partner designation acknowledges the deep technical training and knowledge Concurrent EDA has gained in the last two years working closely with the Mikrotron’s development team.

The partner has upgraded a Mikrotron design to create the lightning fast GigaSens CV 2.0MP 100GigE Vision camera with a user-programmable FPGA. Ideal for Computer Vision, research and military applications, it is capable of real-time processing of HD images at over 2,000 fps, or up to 100,000 fps with smaller regions of interests. The Alexima LUX19HS 4/3″ CMOS sensor is larger, fatser and more sensitive than its competition for unprecedented performance.

“Expanding our relationship with Concurrent EDA is a significant win for Mikrotron customers, and the direct result of the continued success we have achieved together in North America,” said Stephen Ferrell, Director of Business Development, Americas, at Mikrotron. “We’re excited to expand our partnership with Concurrent EDA and have them integrate their industry-unique FPGA solutions into the world’s best high-speed machine vision cameras which will deliver incredible customer experiences.”

According to Ray Hoare, Ph.D., CEO of Concurrent EDA, “The Xilinx™ Kintex UltraScale FPGAs in the GigaSens cameras has over 1,500 Digital-Signal-Processing cores available for real-time image processing. Processing HD images at over 2,000 fps is our specialty and only GigaSens cameras can handle these types of applications. Concurrent EDA has a team of eight Xilinx Certified Engineers experienced in vision IP development and can cost-effectively customize GigaSens cameras to meet your unique vision needs. Customers can also customize GigaSens cameras themselves with the Hardware Development Kit (HDK) that comes with a full FPGA project, a simulation test bench, and full technical support from engineers in the USA. We look forward to helping companies throughout the world implement their high-speed vision solutions.”

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